Recent Case Studies

Arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, possession of a marijuana pipe, underage consumption of alcohol, underage possession of alcohol, driving while license suspended, no insurance- NOT GUILTY ALL CHARGES.

The police found our 20 year old client passed out in his car while it was running. The car was parked diagonally to a parking space. The windshield wipers were running and the headlights were left on. Our client registered a .170 blood alcohol content on the breathalyzer machine (more than twice the legal limit). During his arrest the police found marijuana, a marijuana pipe and alcohol in his car. Harter & Schottland excluded certain evidence at trial and cast doubt on critical testimony. The jury found our client not guilty of every single charge.

Arrested for Theft. Witness present at trial- DISMISSED.

Our Client was charged with theft. He was still in possession of the allegedly stolen property and a witness was willing to testify against him. Harter & Schottland successfully convinced the prosecutor to voluntarily dismiss all charges.

Charged with DUI. Blood alcohol content .156- DISMISSED

Our client was charged with DUI and Improper Lane Usage. A breath test revealed a B.A.C. of .156, almost twice the legal limit. Harter & Schottland filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence based on the police officer’s violation of our client’s 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches. The judge agreed that our client’s car was stopped without cause and as a result all charges were dismissed and the driver’s license suspension was removed.

Caught smoking marijuana in car and charged with DUI (drugs) and possession of marijuana- NOT GUILTY

R.T. was pulled over for expired license plates. Upon approaching the car the police officer noticed a thick cloud of smoke that smelled like marijuana. Our client admitted he smoking the marijuana in the car immediately before being pulled over and the officer found it in the car. Harter & Schottland obtained a video of the arrest and fought the case at trial. The officer testified that our client was driving under the influence of marijuana because our client admitted smoking it and failed field sobriety testing. Using the video, Harter & Schottland convinced the judge that the officer used the field sobriety testing incorrectly and R.T. actually passed all testing despite the admission to smoking marijuana in the car. After a trial our client was found not guilty of DUI and Possession of Marijuana.

Client caught on video taking merchandise out of a store without paying and charged with Retail Theft- NOT GUILTY

Our client was shopping and took an item out of a department store without paying for it. The entire event was caught of video. Our client had bought other items and went through two separate checkout lines before leaving the store. He insisted that he forgot to pay for one item. Harter & Schottland refused to plead guilty because our client insisted he should not be punished for making a mistake. Harter & Schottland went to trial. Putting on a carefully crafted case, Harter & Schottland made the judge understand our client’s side of the story, as well as how and why he made the mistake. Our client was found not guilty of Retail Theft.

Arrested for Driving While License Revoked for DUI- Evidence Suppressed- CASE DISMISSED

While driving around looking for his runaway dog, our client stopped his car and asked some neighborhood kids if they had seen the dog. A neighbor saw this, and thinking it was suspicious, called the police. The police were dispatched to the neighborhood where they found our client driving his car. The police pulled our client over and discovered his driving privileges were revoked for DUI- not only a jailable offense, but one that can be charged as a felony. Harter & Schottland filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence, arguing to the court that our client was stopped illegally and in violation of his Constitutional rights. Harter & Schottland won the motion hearing and all the evidence was suppressed, including our client’s identity and the fact that his driving privileges were revoked. Without any evidence left, the prosecutor was forced to dismiss the case.

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