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When you are buying or selling real estate, you want to be certain that your best interests are protected. Yet, most people have little idea of what they are signing at a real estate closing.

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Particularly where real estate is concerned, the devil is in the details. If you don’t understand what you are getting into, you may find yourself saddled with a loan you cannot afford, a piece of property with undisclosed problems, or a deal you did not intend to make.

To protect yourself in the sale or purchase of real estate, contact an attorney at Harter & Schottland for a free consultation. We provide efficient and cost effective legal counsel for residential and commercial real estate closings. We will prepare and review a proper real estate contract ensuring that your interests are protected. Harter & Schottland will work with your lender, real estate agents and other parties to ensure an efficient closing.

Often real estate contracts are boilerplate documents that are prepared by non-attorneys. We tailor these documents to meet your specific needs while protecting your interests.

Peace of Mind for One Flat Fee

At Harter & Schottland, we give our real estate closing clients peace of mind. You will go into the closing with your eyes fully open. You will know that the documents you are signing are in your best interests. And you will pay one flat fee for our real estate closing services.

We make the process easy for you. A dedicated real estate department is fully devoted to helping real estate closing clients. We understand that buying or selling real estate can be complex, and we are able to respond quickly and professionally to your needs.

To learn more about how we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a free initial consultation.

From offices in Round Lake Beach, Waukegan and Woodstock, we represent clients throughout Northern Illinois.

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