Multiple DUI Offenses

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We all make mistakes. When your mistake is drinking and driving, the consequences can be serious. If this is your second or third DUI offense, you face high fines, jail time, mandatory license revocation and possible felony charges. You need an attorney from Harter & Schottland on your side. Harter & Schottland regularly wins more DUI cases.

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At Harter & Schottland, our DUI defense lawyers concentrate on defending clients with multiple DUI charges. In a second, third or subsequent DUI the need for a knowledgeable, aggressive lawyer is even greater than in a first DUI. We understand the increased stakes and will fight to win your case.

Contact a defense attorney at Harter & Schottland for a free case evaluation. We take an aggressive approach in fighting the charge and protecting your rights. You need to stay out of jail and you need to keep your record clean.

License Suspension and Revocation

Multiple DUI charges almost always result in license revocation or, at the very least, license suspension. There is no option to file for a hardship license, as in first time DUI offenses. Without a license, people cannot get to work, to school, to visit their children, go to the grocery store or anywhere else necessary.

At Harter & Schottland, we understand that driving is an important and necessary part of your life. In multiple DUI charge cases, we focus on fighting for your driving privileges. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may be able to reduce the suspension period or eliminate it all together.

Whether this is your second DUI offense, your third or subsequent charge, the DUI defense attorneys at Harter & Schottland can help. We have successfully defended first time misdemeanor DUIs all the way up to Class X Felony DUIs. Contact us today for a case evaluation to find out how we can help you fight your DUI case.

From offices in Round Lake Beach, Waukegan and Woodstock, we represent clients throughout Northern Illinois.

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