Lawyers for Illinois Landlords: Evictions

When a tenant fails to pay rent on a property, the landlord has a right to start eviction proceedings. But tenants have rights, too. Unless you strictly follow the letter of the law in evictions, you can lose another month’s rent and still be left with a non-paying tenant. A badly-handled eviction can be the first step toward foreclosure. Moreover, tenants should not live in your property rent free.

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At Harter & Schottland, our attorneys have represented landlords in countless evictions. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the law as it relates to evictions and can help you get the job done efficiently and successfully.

We provide skilled legal counsel to a number of clients who own or manage multiple commercial and residential properties. We can also refer you to real estate professionals who can help you re-rent the unit after the eviction is complete.

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Prompt Action Required

It is important to act quickly in evictions. When a tenant has not paid rent, we will prepare a five-day notice, informing the tenant that the full amount of rent is due and if not paid in five days, the eviction process will begin. If the back rent is not paid within five days, we will initiate the forcible entry and detainer action, or eviction. If necessary, we may also arrange to have the Sheriff present to remove the tenants. (Even on eviction day, only the Sheriff’s department can physically remove tenants. With proper court orders, landlords can remove property, however.)

From offices in Round Lake Beach, Waukegan, and Woodstock, we represent landlords in eviction proceedings throughout Northern Illinois.

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