Domestic Battery

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In Illinois, the reality is that any time the police are called on a domestic violence incident there will be an arrest. It does not matter if the assault was verbal or physical. Police do not determine whether the accuser was actually assaulted or if the accuser called the police as a threat. These days the police simply make the arrest and leave it to the court system to sort out. However, domestic violence charges on your record can have a real impact on your life. If you were arrested for domestic violence, you need an attorney from Harter & Schottland who knows domestic violence law and knows how to fight these unique cases. You need to stay out of jail and protect your record.

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A domestic violence charge can have long lasting effects if it is not handled properly by an experienced defense attorney. People with records of violence may have a difficult time maintaining their current job or finding a new one. Apartment managers often refuse to rent to someone with a criminal record. The impact of a domestic violence charge is broad and long lasting. You need to fight this type of charge.

At Harter & Schottland, we understand the seriousness of domestic battery charges. Our domestic violence attorneys will immediately investigate the claim against you. We know how to attack victim credibility. We know what defenses are available in this type of case and the best way to advance it on your behalf. Unlike general practice lawyers who try to work in this area of law, the attorneys at Harter & Schottland know the myriad of domestic battery laws that complicate these cases. We know how to fight these charges. Moreover, we understand the effect that a domestic battery arrest can have on your record even when we win a case. Therefore, after we win domestic violence cases we can work to have the charge expunged and removed from all records. For a free case evaluation and to learn how we can fight your domestic violence charge defense, contact a lawyer at Harter & Schottland. We represent defendants throughout Lake County, Northern Cook County and McHenry County, Illinois.

Orders of Protection

People charged with domestic violence often are served an order of protection. Orders of protection not only prohibit contact with your accuser, they may prevent you from seeing your children, accessing your car, home or other property or limit your ability to go certain places. . A domestic violence defense lawyer at Harter & Schottland can represent you when dealing with orders of protection and give you back your freedom. We know how to fight orders of protection and regularly win more of these cases.

For help in your domestic battery case, contact an attorney at Harter & Schottland to schedule a free case evaluation. We can develop a defense and show you how we can fight to win your case.

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