The Appeal of Appealing your Property Taxes

Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by Harter Schottland

It has happened again.  You received that dreaded blue notice in the mail telling you at what value your house and property have been assessed.  You haven’t seen your taxes yet, but you just know they will go up.  Is there anything you can do about this? The short answer is yes.  Lake County, Illinois has an appeal process for property owners who are unhappy with the assessment.  However, is it always wise to appeal? The more complicated answer is no, not always.  The Lake County Board of Review has the authority to both raise and lower assessments.  A good attorney will be direct with you and let you know when you should and should not appeal.  Here are some situations where it is advisable to appeal:

  • The assessed property is factually inaccurate such as in square footage or lot size
  • The assessed value is higher than the property’s most recent sale price
  • The assessed value is higher than the market value of the property
  • The assessed value is higher than the value of comparable properties
  • You have a unique property that has no comparables

There are several types of hearings one can have and while the Lake County Assessor’s office has many great resources, including offering seminars, it can be a confusing process. A taxpayer is generally able to conduct his or her own appeal unless the property is commercial or an LLC.  However, if you need or want representation, in Lake County your representative must be an attorney.  While others, such as real estate agents, can help you gather paperwork, they cannot submit your appeal and if they do, the submission will be returned to you.  If the filing date has passed, you are out of luck–it will not be extended.

Speaking of filing dates, all appeals must be filed within 30 days after the publication of the assessments.  Click here for a link to the Lake County 2017 Filing Deadlines for your township.

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